Not Your Average Contractor

Real Help In Putting It All Together!

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Your organization’s mission and vision became a reality as a result of the commitment and hard work of people like you. technologEASE, inc. truly understands this and we created our organization to help ensure your success. We contribute to your success by employing a forward-looking approach that ensures that our teams can perform their work in an efficient manner with industry leading quality.  Because we are proactively focused on the elements that cause success, you can focus on making your vision a reality... not on managing a contractor.

technologEASE, inc. sees the big picture and we plan for a successful conclusion to our projects from their inception. This has additional benefits for organizations that partner with us. A significant benefit is that we are able to offer industry leading pricing to our customers. Time is an important element in making your vision a reality but so is money. We stretch your dollar further so that you can make more money on existing projects or win more projects you bid on. 

Our ability to deliver is a direct result of a Project Management Office (PMO) with unrivaled qualification, experience and technical expertise. The technologEASE, inc. PMO includes Project Management Institute Project Management Professionals (PMP) and Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) that are manufacturer certified. Our PMO tightly coordinates the different project components that must all work together to ensure success. We closely integrate our engineering, logistics, scheduling, and implementation efforts with our manufacturing and distribution partners to make your job easier and your vision more attainable.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Working with contractors can be hard. Actually, it can be agonizing! technologEASE, inc. is different. From the earliest planning sessions prior to our launch, it was our goal to provide you with a different kind of experience. 

There are, as you know, an endless amount of companies that provide one or more of the services we offer, but you have been down that road before and you know exactly where it leads. The old road with the same old contractors leads to confusing and incomplete proposals, opportunistic pricing, unanswered phone calls, and contentious contract negotiations. We avoid adding this kind of drama to your life. technologEASE, inc. is consistently priced better than our competition, our proposals are clear and detailed, our phones are always on and we approach our relationships with our customers from a position of trust. 

Easy really is better. Easy really costs less. Easy really does give you more time to focus on your mission. Easy is not a dream, with technologEASE, inc. easy will be your reality. 

There really is a light at the end of your tunnel!  At least, there can be!