Technology Systems Done Right

Structured Cabling Systems

Structured Cabling, Voice, Data, Cat 6, Cat 5e, UTP, ScTP, FTP, Optical Fiber, Fiber Optics, CATV

Structured Cabling Systems in Tampa: Things are so much better, so much easier, when they just work! Your network and other low-voltage systems depend upon the infrastructure cabling supporting each system to perform at their peak. Improperly installed cabling or poorly specified components are a primary cause of system downtime. Consider letting us help you on your next project. Our expert designers, project managers and installers will ensure that you will want to work with us again! We are able to help with category cabling (5e, 6, 6a and beyond), optical fiber termination and splicing, CATV cabling and more!

Access Control Systems

Access Control, Card Reader, Proximity Reader, Paxton, Security

Access Control Systems in Tampa: Managing keys can be a costly and time-consuming nightmare. Knowing who is going into and out of your facility and when might be important to you. If you have a facility where you want to control access into and out of various doors and you don't want to worry about managing keys, a modern access control system may be just what you  need.  We install IP-based access control systems that will greatly simplify your life and that will not cost a fortune. We would argue that they may save you a bundle of money over the systems life-cycle.

Surveillance / CCTV Systems

CCTV, Security, IP Surveillance, DVR, NVR, Surveillance, Megapixel, Northern, Hikvision

Surveillance / CCTV Systems in Tampa: What is actually happening at your office or on your campus? What did happen? Who is asking for access into a certain area? Modern CCTV / Surveillance systems are surprisingly affordable and powerful and they provide peace of mind and flexibility for businesses like yours. We build both IP-based and modern analog systems that, when combined with our access control and intrusion detection systems provide a surprising level information to make your life easier!

Intrusion Detection Systems

Intrusion Detection, Security System, Security, DSC, Motion Detector, Monitoring, No-Contract

Security Systems in Tampa: Keep your building empty when it is supposed to be empty! We provide reasonably-priced, effective, internet-connected intrusion detection systems that allow you to monitor unwanted access into your building or into specific spots in your building. Our monthly no-contract monitoring service  is surprisingly affordable and we don't trap you with confusing contracts or confusing pricing. We install both wired and wireless systems that can provide coverage for small offices, large buildings or campuses. Protect your people, protect your buildings and protect your stuff!

Wi-Fi & Wireless Systems

Wi-Fi, WiFi, Wireless, 802.11, Ruckus, Access Point, Wireless Access Point, WAP, Point to Point

Wi-Fi & Wireless Systems in Tampa: Cut the cord! Reliable, high-performing wireless systems like Wi-Fi and point to point microwave can greatly enhance your productivity, overcome challenges with costly wiring and/or provide robust redundancy for wired systems. Modern systems that provide reliable and high-performing mesh connections are cost effective enough that if you did not deploy them before you should consider taking another look. We install Wi-Fi systems and wireless connections that simply work so that you can forget about managing them and just enjoy them.

Design-Build Support & More

Design, Design-Build, Intercom, Audio, Paging, Area of Refuge, DAS, Distributed Antenna Systems, DAS

We offer consultation and design services that include specification development and complete drawing packages. Our expert design team can ensure that your system is perfectly matched to your needs and to your budget. Additionally, we can help you with your paging, intercom, distributed audio, area of refuge, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and sound masking systems.